We’re dedicated to bringing back play in its purest form. We believe in the dream ahead. Our relentless focus on design, imagination, and sustainability moves us toward a future where you no longer have to choose between doing great things and doing the right thing.

building a better world of play

Our products are the backbone of memories and imagination. Not just foryourchildren, but for kids and families years from now. Our durable, safe, and sustainably made playsets are designed for generations of play — not landfills.

Respecting Nature

Coming together to protect the world we seek to see, Cassarokids is a proud member of the One Tree Planted network—a global movement dedicated to supporting environmental solutions through reforestation and everyday action. With every purchase made, we give back to our planet.

Global Citizen

Though we all come from different places with different cultures, one thing unites us — play. No matter where you are, you can look around and see children playing. It’s how we all begin our learning journey. And it’s a way to connect as adults.

Respecting each other and our individual journeys is crucial for building long-lasting relationships. For this reason, we pay fair, living wages to all employees and only partner with other businesses who do the same. 

Even though we’re all about play, we take our global and social responsibilities seriously.

we help keep batteries and plastic out of landfills. But that’s only one way we support our planet. From production to delivery, our play pieces are helping build a better world.