Building a Better World of Play

Sustainable Structures to Fuel Your Child’s Imagination and Learning

spark their creativity

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Your children create teetering towers and vast villages with only a few wooden blocks and figures. Trains, cars, and planes come to life, fueled only by their imagination. Dragons swoop and mermaids swim as they share their fantastical stories in play.

Now imagine all your child can craft with wooden structures designed just for them. Pikler triangles, Waldorf rockers, and Montessori towers — all designed to give your child the freedom they need to build their incredible world.

Discover the Science in Play with Waldorf Rockers

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Building little bodies and minds.

Your child is not meant to sit still — they have the important work of growing and learning to do. When they run, rock, jump, and climb, they’re learning how to use their space and body to create something great. Children are natural learners, and they learn best with doing. Interactive, hands-on play is the natural way to grow their bodies and minds. As they climb, they learn the language of over, under, and through. While rocking, they experiment with physics, feeling momentum at work. As they build forts, tents, and towers they learn and hone important spatial reasoning skills. Math, science, language, the arts — it’s all happening as they play.

Let your child live in their own world of play.

Uncover the Playtime Possibilities of a Climbing Triangle

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Building stories, wonder, and curiosity.

Not all learning is physics and math. Your creative child can experience a fantastical world of building play with Cassarokids wooden playsets. Dragons can be fought atop climbing triangle castles, flags can be flown and captured from play tower bases, and mermaids can be visited at sea while your children sail their rocker boats. No matter the fantasy, your kids have the imagination and the tools to bring their biggest dreams to life. Let them write their own stories, conduct their own plays, and be the leaders of their own concerts.

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Bring confidence-building play to the safety of your playroom

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Building confidence and skills.

Our play structures and playsets are designed to bring confidence-building, risky play to the safety of your playroom.  Your child can experiment with rock climbing, ladders, and slides in the comfort and safety of home — jumping from just-right heights onto a strategically-placed stack of pillows. Or rocking and spinning with their siblings until dizziness takes over.  And you can breathe easy knowing they are doing exactly what they need to grow and thrive. Watch your child’s skills and confidence grow with each step, hop, rock, and climb with our safe and sustainable wooden playsets.

Reveal Relaxation with our Pillow and Tent Accessories

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Building a comfortable space.

Our wooden play structures are designed to grow with your child throughout their early years, helping you guide them through their learning journey.  Once they’re able to sit, they can begin to rock. As they grow, a rocker and pillow become the perfect reading spot. Climbers are first used for pulling up, but later make perfect tents for imaginary jungle adventures. 

Watch your child’s skills and confidence grow

Find Safer Slips and Slides with our Montessori towers

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Building bridges and connections.

Ramps are guides for early walking. And, before you know it, they’re running and jumping from bridges above a fiery lava floor. Learning towers allow little hands to help in the kitchen, then transform into creative art easels perfect for your tiny Picasso. As children explore their world, they begin to learn what to expect from it. The new wears off to become ordinary. But with Cassarokids, there’s always something else to discover. Enjoy years of learning, comfort, and connection with play structures built to last.

Build a better world

Not only do our wooden playsets, rockers, triangles, and climbers help your child build important skills, but they do it all with our Earth in mind.

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