Frequently Asked Questions

The only tool required is an allen key (along with a little bit of time and muscle), which we provide along with instructions. A drill is useful for tightening but not necessary at all.

From the age your little ones can sit up (6 months and above) there are opportunities for them to enjoy the toys. Babies can climb before they can walk. We advise you use your discretion and knowledge of your children’s abilities to provide them space and opportunity to explore safely under supervision.
We are yet to meet a kid under the age of 12 who doesn’t want to climb but we recommend up to the age of 5 years to make sure they can get maximum fun. Measurements for the products are provided under each description.
The best thing about it is that they challenge themselves more as they get older. There is always a new way to use them. Which means you get years of value!

We do not recommend or guarantee our products for outdoor use.

If you decied to take your toy outside for playtime, do not leave it exposed to the elements. Our toys are made of natural materials and are not treated for weather proofing. We always advise placeing a blanked under the product incase of moisture on the ground. Make sure to wipe down with dry cloth when bringing back inside to prevent moisture damage.

Wood is infinitely renewable. In fact, it is the world’s most renewable and environmentally friendly raw material.

Cassarokids wood comes from well-managed forests in New Zealand where the local government who insists on strict annual replanting and enforces policies restricting the size and number of trees felled each year.

Production waste, such as residue of logs, wood leftovers and sawdust are being re-used for other means. The sawdust from the logs is either used as a fuel in the drying ovens or compacted as a basis for palettes. All the leftovers after cutting planks to size are recycled by using them as a base material, as finger joints for panels.

CassaroKids products are made from CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant materials. CARB regulates the emissions of some chemicals in fiberboard such as MDF. Current regulations require emissions of formaldehyde to be less than 0.05 parts per million (less than 0.000005%). All wood used in CassaroKids products complies with or exceeds these standards and do not contain formaldehyde, fire retardant, lead, BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Formadine or Cadmium.

Please refer to our Satisfaction Guarantee for our return policy.

Currently we do not work with any international distributors, but we can arrange to ship internationally. Please contact us before you place your order.

Curently we only ship to US and Canada! If you wish to ship to other contries please contact us before you place an order. The price quoted is just the price of shipping—no mark up.

Our wood products are sourced from the forests of New Zealand. Manufacturing is done in China and packaging and fulfillment is done in Texas.

Our products are officially rated for up to 150 lbs. Use judgment.

Our play furniture is painted with waterbased UV-cured finish.

In order to keep wooden surface clean, use a natural non toxic mixture of vinegar and warm water. Spray the surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow surface to dry.

Never soak or immerse wooden toys in water. Wood is porous and soaking it might cause wood to swell and change shape.

If you would like to take your toy outside for playtime, make sure it is not left for longer then you are outside. Our toys are not made to withstand elements for a extended period of time. Once inside, wipe down surface with damp cloth.
Liquid and oil-based chalk are not recommended for use on our chalkboard. We only recommend using regular chalk.

To clean the chalkboard use an all felt chalkboard eraser to clean the entire blackboard and then wipe the board with a cloth or chamois that is lint-free, clean, and dry.
Accordion Content
Large Climbing Arch (Natural)
Jumbo Natural Viking Rocker
Jumbo Rainbow Viking Rocker
Jumbo Waldorf Natural Rocking Play
Jumbo Waldorf Reversible Rocking Boat
Viking Rocker Rainbow
Viking Rocker Natural
Large Climbing Arch (Rainbow)
Waldorf Rainbow Rocking Play
Jumbo Waldorf Rainbow Rocking Play
Waldorf Natural Rocking Play
Foldable Climbing Triangle with Arch Rocker (Natural)
Foldable Climbing Triangle (Rainbow)
Large Climbing Arch (Natural)
Climbing Play Cube
Foldable Climbing Triangle (Natural)
Foldable Climbing Triangle with Arch Rocker (Rainbow)
Large Climbing Arch (Rainbow)
Climbing Triangle
Climbing Ladder
Kitchen Climbing Play Tower with Slide
Mini Climbing Triangle
Climbing Triangle with Tent and Mat
Large Climbing Arch (Natural)
Reversible Rock Climbing Ramp/Slid (Rainbow)
Large Climbing Arch (Rainbow)
Reversible Rock Climbing Ramp/Slid (Natural)
Climbing Ladder
Kitchen Climbing Play Tower with Slide
Climbing Triangle Tent
Climbing Triangle Mat
Rocker Pillow
Waldorf Forest Animals
Waldorf Play Clips (4 Pack)