Social Media Influencer Guidelines

Cassarokids understands and appreciates the value provided by our social media influencers in promoting our product and our company. We consider our association with the influencers as being key business relationships and agreements that can be mutually beneficial to both parties. ​

Cassarokids also realizes that much effort and time goes into posting our products on the pages of the social media influencers, and we believe that the product they receive from us is fair considering its market value. ​​

In order to maintain an expansive influencer base and to enhance our working capital as a company, we have updated our social media guidelines, as described below:
  1. Social Media Influencers will be required to submit their media kits as a PDF file along with their request. Registration can be done on our website –

  2. Social Media Influencers will be gifted a maximum of one product per 6 months, unless otherwise specified by the company. Cassarokids will determine which product to gift, although influencers can request product.

  3. Discount codes will be provided to influencers to share with followers or to use to purchase additional Cassarokids product.

  4. Cassarokids retains the rights to photos sent by Social Media Influencers, and may use them at their discretion on our website,, on, and other social media channels.

  5. Social Media Influencer IG posts and stories will be as follows:

  • Influencers are required to post within two weeks of receiving their product or on a date specified by the company. Failure to post within this time frame may result in loss of influencer privileges.
  • At a minimum of 2 live post for consecutive 8 week campaign time, that will remain on the influencer’s IG page for at least 90 days.
  • One story post in connection to each live post.
  • Photos must prominently display Cassarokids product, tag @cassarokids, include the hashtag #cassarokids and #gifted.
  • Influencers must provide ‘swipe-up’ functionality in their stories, where applicable (i.e., over 10K followers), including a link to
  • At least one post should include at a minimum one photo showing one or more children interacting with the Cassarokids product. We also love to see our collaborators showing beautifully staged product and playroom shots.
  • Where applicable, social media influencer posts will be linked to their Facebook accounts as well.
  • Posts should not include photos which display product not suitable for the Cassarokids market (i.e., children), such as, but not limited to, alcohol or tobacco products.
  • We can be reached at
    CASSAROKIDS is located at 7415 Major St. Houston, TX 77061

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