Skills for Development and Application of Cassarokids Products

Skills for Development and Application of Cassarokids Products


Approximate age

Application of Cassarokids products:

Sit to stand

10 months

Pulling up into standing by holding onto the mini triangle


10 months

Holding onto rocker on its side or cube or triangle to navigate around it

Lowers to sit

10 months

Hold onto dowels on triangle or cube while lowering (to control body while descending) 

Stand with support

11 months

Hold onto cube or triangle with one hand only


13 months

Hold onto cube or triangle while playing with something placed on the rungs while in a kneeling position

Roll a ball

13 months

Use ramp with child in standing or kneeling while holding on with 1-2 hands to place ball on ramp and roll it down

Creeps backward

16 months

Scootch down the ramp, placed at a gentle incline.  Scoot backward out of cube.  

Goes up stairs/rungs  

16 months

While holding on, can go up rungs and/or ramp up to 4-5 steps

Pushes toy or box around

18 months

Pretend play starts to incorporate animals or other toys onto the equipment

Walking down steps

18 months

Becomes more comfortable going down the rungs

Ascending stairs or rungs with only one hand  

18 months

Use of other hand now to place toys on equipment or to hold something in one hand while climbing w/ the other hand

Balance with one foot in front of other

20 months

Use of balance beam.  More comfortable with balance.

Descend stairs/rungs

21 months

More comfortable going up and down.  Able to access the triangle with increased confidence and security.

Walking sideways

22 months

Able to access balance beam by walking sideways.  Able to traverse triangle facing perpendicular to it. 

Jumps up

24 months

Able to make small jumps when on cube or off balance beam to floor. 

Jumps off

24-30 months

Jumps off higher surfaces (several rungs up on triangle), jumps out of window of cube, jumps off top of rocker (rocker placed upside down)  

Balance on one foot

24-30 months

Better able to navigate going over the peak of the triangle and better able to do more sophisticated balance games on balance beam


This article was written in collaboration with our resident Occupational Therapist Rebekah Tolin OTR/L. Have a question for our OTs? Let us know in the comments!


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